High Voltage Glove Testing Equipment

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  • electrical protective rubber goods tester
  • electrical tester control unit

High Voltage Glove Testing Equipment СВС-12 is designed for testing the insulating properties of rubber gloves with an high AC voltage at mains frequency, adjustable between 0 – 10 kV.

The quality of rubber gloves is tested by applying high AC voltage of 9300 V at 50 Hz to them.

Rubber gloves tester SVS-12 provides the following:

  • Automatic discarding of those gloves, where leakage current is over 9 mA;
  • Automatic switching off the high voltage if the top lid is opened during the testing process;
  • Automatic filling gloves with water before testing;
  • Automatic delay that allows all water to drip from taps before applying testing voltage;
  • Automatically set time necessary for full test of each glove;
  • Visual control of the value of the test voltage and leakage current for each individual glove;
  • Audio signalling on the overall testing progress as well as audio indication of those gloves which failed the testing.

The tester SVS-12 allows simultaneous testing of up to 12 gloves.

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