Güzergah Tespit Cihazi LFG-200

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  • W low-frequency generator

LFG-200 & PT-14 Cable route tracing Set, can be used for locating as well as tracing underground metal communications, such as any cables with metal cores as well as metal pipes. In addition, it provides operator with a quick detection of short circuits on cables as well as with an identification of a cable in a bunch.

LFG-200 is a 200 W low-frequency generator with ability to inject a signal of three frequencies via direct connection to an object or via internal transmission loop antenna, which is built-in a cover lid. Basic frequencies are 491; 982 and 8440 Hz. There are options of using a single-frequency or multi-frequency signals at the output.

The power of LFG-200 output signal can be adjusted up to 200 W with 10 W steps. This signal can be transmitted constantly or broken into separate blocks of 50 % duty cycle with 1 s repetition rate.

A load matching is made automatically. Main parameters, such as output power, load impedance, selected frequency are shown on OLED display. If a load is higher than 1000 Ω LFG‑200 automatically switches into output voltage setting mode. The output overload protection will trip, when operating on short-circuit loops (lower than 0.5 Ω).


  • High-contrast graphic OLED display
  • Multifrequency operation
  • Operating frequencies can be changed upon request
  • Internal transmission loop antenna
  • Automatic load impedance matching
  • Ability to work with energized 0.4kV cables (inductive connection)
  • Overload protection

Cable Fault Detector PT-14 designed for fast and accurate searching for power cables and other communications, identification of coating defects and the depth, followed by mapping.

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