Very low frequency tester for high voltage cables

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This product has been discontinued

The VLF-60 developed instead of the SNCH-28

Very low frequency tester for high voltage cables VLF-28 is designed for testing the insulation of the high voltage cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cables* with isolation capacitance between 0.005 and 5.0 µF, sinusoidal voltage of up to 28 kV and 0.1 Hz frequency.

VLF-28 can be used as both a standalone apparatus or as part of a cable test vans.

Very low frequency tester VLF-28 features:

  • Sinusoidal output voltage;
  • Smooth adjustment of the output voltage;
  • Blocking zero position of the voltage regulator;
  • Measuring peak values ​​of the test voltages;
  • System for controlling the current flow through the object under the test;
  • Built-in dumping resistor.


* The ammeter of the very low frequency tester VLF-28 is designed for only rought measurements of the current flowing through the object under the test. Readings of the ammeter are affected by both the frequency and the length of cables, so it should not be used for measuring leakage current and compiling any official documentation of test results.

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